Educational Programs and
Guest Speakers to YCGS 2023-2024

YCGS meetings are the 1st Saturday of the month
9:30 social time – 10:00 Educational Presentation
All Meetings are In-Person at our Library or via Zoom

November 4, 2023 – Locating your Confederate or Union Civil War Ancestor
– Presented by Jenny Warner –  Website
**Free to Members; $10 non-members (purchase here)

This lecture will be an in-depth examination of the various military records used to search for soldiers, sailors, and marines on both sides during this conflict. In this presentation, we will cover Compiled Service Records, Pensions, Draft Registrations, and any other related genealogical material. You can also find Civilian records during this war period we will examine them too.

**December 2, 2023 – Colonial American Migration Routes and Modes of Travel
– Presented by Annette Burke Lyttle – Website            **Via ZOOM ONLY**
**Free to Members; $10 non-members (purchase here)

When our Colonial ancestors arrived on the shores of North America in the 1600s and 1700s, many of them very quickly began migrating west. They followed rivers and created roads into the wilderness to find new settlements on the frontier. Learn about where they traveled and how they got there, as well as how to uncover the stories of their lives.

January 6, 2024 – Apprentices, Indentured Servants and Redemptioners; White Servitude in America
– Miss Peggy Lauritzen – Website
**Free to Members; $10 non-members (purchase here)

It is frequently assumed that the only enslaved Americans were those brought on the slave ships from Africa. Yet, an estimated one-half of early immigrants came to America as apprentices, indentured servants, and redemptioners. And a good many of those were children.

February 3, 2024 – Grandpa Was a Mason – Locating and Using Fraternal Society Records
– Luana Darby – Website
**Free to Members; $10 non-members (purchase here)

Was your ancestor a member of the Masonic lodge? How about the Woodcutters? Learn what to look for and where to find genealogically significant information from various fraternal societies.

March 2, 2024 – RootsTech Recap (Feb 29 – March 2) – Salt Lake City, UT
** Free to all! **

Live from RootsTech and Workshop “What did you learn?”

April 6, 2024 – Controlling Chaos: Organizing Your Genealogy Materials
– Paula Stuart-Warren, CGSM, FMGS, FUGA – Website
**Free to Members; $10 non-members (purchase here)

Are you like most genealogists? That is, do you have stacks of papers, files, certificates, census copies, and other items around your home?

Do you panic when you have to find something or have to use the dining room table for a meal? Can you find what you need in your computer files? You can conquer this dilemma and will learn tips for regularly keeping on top of the organizing task, with both paper and software. No one can promise perfection, but this session will share many ideas to get you on your way, including tips from some professional genealogists. We’ll even discuss some “lazy day” methods to keep you on top of your filing.

May 4, 2024 – Tracing & Documenting my Revolutionary War Ancestor
– Christopher Smithson – Website
**Free to Members; $10 non-members (purchase here)


June 1, 2024 – YCGS Annual Meeting
**All members are encouraged to attend**

YCGS Member presentation(s). Do you have a project that you have been working on, a genealogical vacation, family story that you would like to share?

Summer Break – No Meetings July through September